Update On The Health Of Harwich's Scottie The Pony

I think we've all heard what happened about 10 days ago to Scottie the Pony.

Scottie was savagely attacked in his stable at CB Equestrian in Harwich by a person or people that impaled him with the handle of a pitchfork...as well as releasing horses that were in the barn with him.

Thankfully, due to the incredible work done by veterinarians, Scottie survived the attack and, according to the latest reports, got out of his stall for a walk yesterday!

I know they say that there is still a long road ahead toward his full recovery, but this is such great news!

But, this happy ending will not be complete for me until we find the person or people responsible for this horrific act, convict them and send them to jail for a VERY long time!

Photo: Getty Images

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