Plymouth Rock from a different view

I decided that it was a beautiful day to get outside with my 8 year old daughter and do some exploring.  We went over the canal and decided to explore some of the Plymouth waterfront.  There was plenty of people watching, dog walking, bike riders, and activity.  If you have ever been to the Mayflower viewing area or the Rock, most likely you have looked out at the water and seen the Jetty that seems to go on forever.  If was beautiful and we decided to go explore it.  There were boats, wildlife, smells, and salty air.  Towards the end of the rock walk way,  I was able to snap off this picture.  That is Plymouth Rock located on the shore.  If you are ever in the Plymouth area and have an hour to take a stroll, this is a walk for you.  You will need to pay to park, but will only cost you a couple of bucks.  Park down near the East Bay Grille and walk towards the water.  You will find the bridge that will lead you to the jetty and a different view of Plymouth.  :-)

I also found this cool video of drone footage.  Check it out if you have five minutes to spare.