My 8 year old daughter designed her own cabin fever party

Today (Saturday, February 25th) is our 2nd annual cabin fever party!  It is going to be a great time with an opportunity to eat some great food, enjoy the band Syndicate, and win some great prizes!  Tickets can be purchased right here on I was telling my daughter, Haley, about the party and she decided she wanted to go.  I had to explain that it is a 21+ event or in "kid speak" only for adults.  She was a little upset, but decided to make her own Cabin Fever Party.  I wanted to share with you what she came up with.  There will NOT be an elephant drinking from a lego lake or half a lego man in a make shift boat.  But, if you come to the Cabin Fever Party this afternoon at Dino's Sports Bar, it will be a lot of fun.