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How to Find the Best Parking Spot Every Time

So it comes down to math on how to get the best parking spot every time. The video below breaks down how you can get a great parking spot.

After doing the math, the two physicists came up with this conclusion:

Meek Drivers:

  • Entering from the back of the lot and parking in the first spot you see is inefficient because it requires a lot of walking.

Optimistic Drivers:

  • Trying to find the best possible spot is inefficient because it requires a lot of driving.

Prudent Drivers:

  • Driving towards the entrance, skipping the first open spot, and parking in the first multi-spot gap between cars minimizes both your driving and your walking time.

Which driver are you?

I'm Meek.... I don't care about walking a bit further... it helps me get my steps in lol

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