Nina's Hy-line Cruises Adventures: Anniversary Trip

So here we are waiting for the boat at Hyline Cruises on Ocean St. in Hyannis and this kid comes up and starts catching some fish. I'm not sure where he grabbed the net from but he ended up catching one!

Fast forward to Nantucket where we had dinner. B-ACK Yard BBQ's Mac & Cheese is the best ever!!! If you're on Nantucket you need to make a stop for lunch or dinner. Oh yea try the Corn Bread too!

We ended up back at B-ACK Yard BBQ for the Patriots game. We love watching a game here one for the Sunday Nachos (amazing) and because everyone is from somewhere else. There are Jets fans, Eagles, Broncos, Rams, Steelers and of course Patriots fans. Everyone is shouting for their home team decked out in their fan gear. Everyone gets along no matter who wins!