Final Season Shows I'm Excited About This Fall

There are so many good shows I can't wait to see on the CW this fall. Here are the two Final Seasons that I can't believe are ending.

Arrow which started in 2012.... It started a bit slow for me but then I was hooked. Oliver Queen / Green Arrow (Stephen Amell) & David Ramsey ( John Diggle) are hiliarious. Check out their Bromance. I think I just might have to binge watch all of the seasons again.. .yes all 7

Another one that I'm sad to see go but excited for the new season is Supernatural that started in 2005. What the 14 seasons???! I have no idea how they came up with so many episodes but I was never bored. Sam ( Jared Padalecki) & Dean Winchester ( Jensen Ackles) are great on set and are best friends in real life. They each were in each others weddings, I'm sad to see the show end. My favorite behind the scenes clip from Supernatural is Jensen (Dean) lip singing "Eye of the tiger" ..hahahaha

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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