LIST: Here Are The Top 20 Names Of The Most Kind People In America

Apparently, the two names top a list of the names most associated with kindness and good will, and amongst those are people named John, Sarah, Michael, Ann and James.

Other men likely to be thoughtful and kind are called Paul, Peter, Mark and Christopher, while women most likely to lend a sympathetic ear to friends are named Christine, Linda and Elizabeth.

The new study quizzed 2,000 adults on the tell-tale signs of why some people are kinder than others and found that always asking how you are, saying thank you and remembering special dates are key signs of kindness in a person.


1. Susan

2. Sarah

3. Ann

4. Margaret

5. Christine

6. Linda

7. Elizabeth

8. Emma

9. Carol

10. Helen


1. David

2. John

3. Michael

4. James

5. Paul

6. Peter

7. Mark

8. Christopher

9. Andrew

10. Robert

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