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Tom Brady Made My Phone Blow Up Last Night!

Tom Brady set Patriots Nation and all of the sports world on fire with this tweet...

My phone immediately blew up with me and my friends texting back and forth on what it could mean!

First it was...does this mean he's leaving the Patriots and going somewhere else?!

Then, it he walking into the stadium or out of the stadium?!

Well, after some investigation,I found out that the actual picture is from an upcoming commercial that Tom is in. Okay, that mystery is solved.

The heated debate is the second Tom walking in or out?!

My buddy, Larry from "The Handyman Hotline" is going with in because is right should is lower that the left in the picture, which would indicate a more muscular throwing shoulder...hence is right shoulder.

I'm almost positive Tom is walking in. Why?! If you zoom in, the right foot in the picture seems to have a curve (arch) on the left side of it. So, that would actually make it his left foot...meaning he's walking out of the stadium.

Alright, what do you think?!

Photo: Getty Images

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