Wareham Is No Longer The "Gateway To Cape Cod"

For as long as I can remember, the slogan for Wareham was..."Gateway to Cape Cod". I never liked the slogan that much because I thought it focused too much on the Cape and not on the great reasons why you make sure to include Wareham in your travels.

Well, a few days ago, they decided to freshen things up and introduce a new slogan! And that made sense to me...it's 2020, and a good time to try a new way to market yourself to tourists from all over the globe who make it a point to visit our neck of the woods each year!

So, here's the new slogan for the Town of Wareham..."It's Better Before The Bridges"!

Hmm...feels a tad adversarial to me, but at least it's better than one of the other options discussed, according to the Cape Cod Times, "No Cape Necessary".

The Town Manager said the whole campaign will highlight all of the great benefits of a seaside town on the rise. And I think that's great...and wish all of our friends in Wareham a lot of luck with their new campaign!

I just wish the new slogan would have encapsulated that better than just saying...we're better than they are.

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