Is Getting A Foot Massage Gross?!

I know it sounds hard to believe, but I've never had a foot massage!

I only mention it because a new survey is out that says about 10% of people think getting a foot massage is gross!

Well, since I've never had one, I can't agree or disagree. All I can say is I have given other people foot massages in the past, and they never complained!

I do however believe that, in general, feet themselves are gross! And my feet, in particular, are pretty ticklish!

I hear that when you get a pedicure, which I've never had either, they actually give you a foot massage as part of the whole deal! I would be afraid that I'd get ticklish and end up kicking the nice person trying to their job!

Maybe one day...I'll take my little Flinstones feet to a spa and give it a try!

Photo: Getty Images

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