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The First Internet Challenge Of 2020 Is One I Definitely Won't Be Doing!

Have you heard about the internet challenge that's kicking off the new year?!

It's called the...2020 Tip Challenge!

Here's how it goes...

If you are going to a restaurant, or making any kind of purchase that may require you to leave a're encouraged to leave a tip of, wait for it...$2020!

Then, you write #2020tipchallenge on the receipt, take a picture of it and share it with the world!

Are you crazy?!

If you have the means to be able to do it...well thenm have at it! But for me, I'll have to pass this challenge!

Now if it was $20.20 instead...I may think about it!

And, I read about a celebrity couple who took the plunge yesterday at an IHOP in Illinois.

Check out Donnie Wahlberg & Jenny McCarthy's receipt that helped start the new year right for one random waitress...

Photo: Getty Images

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