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True Story About A Christmas Present That Sounds Like The Plot To A Movie!

This sounds like the makings of a blockbuster Hollywood thriller!

It comes from a post on Reddit, where a woman decided to buy her boyfriend one of those DNA home testing kits for Christmas.

So she ordered the kit, wrapped it up and told her boyfriend's mom what she bought him, Immediately her boyfriend's mom got nervous and turned pale! She asked the girlfriend if she could hold off on giving the present...maybe wait until his birthday! She said she wanted to talk to his dad first!!!


Turns out, the DNA test would reveal a family secret!

Mom had to confess that his Dad was't really his biological father! They'd been unable to have children of there they used a sperm donor to start a family!

Now, it could have been worse I guess...but just imagine what that conversation sounded like around the Christmas dinner table!

Photo: Getty Images

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