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Here's How Long It Takes To Be The World's Oldest Married Couple...

I've been married for a little over 14 years. And I'm sure if you ask my wife, she'll say it seems much longer some days LOL!

But about we take a moment to give it up for John and Charlotte Henderson from Austin, TX! Coming up on December 22nd, they will celebrate their 80TH wedding anniversary!

So, let's do the math...that means their wedding date is December 22, 1939! I mean...World War II hadn't even started yet! That's unreal!

John is 106-years-old...and his bride, Charlotte is 105-years old! They had a celebration last week with family and friends at the assisted living center that they live in.

When asked for the secret to their long life together, they said it got a lot easier when they weren't able to hear each other anymore.

OK...I made that part up! But what they did say is that they have never argued...but if they did, they made it a point to settle things before bedtime!

They also joked that maybe the fact that they didn't have kids helped them stay together longer, too!

Oh, and by the way, they're both still in great health!

Photo: Getty Images

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