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Don't Get Mad At Me...But These Baby Names Of 2019 Are Just Plain Awful!

I know that naming your child is a big deal!

Some people choose them based on names have been passed down through family history. Some names are chosen to honor a friend or family member or historical figure that means a lot to the parents. And some even are compelled to use a name that can be found in the Holy Bible or has some kind of religious meaning to it.

That is all well and good. But I can't understand some of the name choices that are made nowadays!

For example, has come out with a list of the...Top 10 Worst Baby Names for Boys & Girls for 2019.

And some of these just leave me shaking my head... like the name at #9 for boys..."Danger". What?! Or, #2..."Yugo"!

And some of these girls names are a mystery, #8, "Any"?! And, #5..."Khaleesi"! As in "Game of Thrones"?!

Anyway, here is the list for 2019...check it out and see what you think!

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