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My Heart Is Broken. I Lost My Good Boy.

I want to thank Nina for filling in for me for the past couple of days. I want to tell you why I was out.

On Monday, I lost my little boy, Tucker! It was a one in a million situation. The back and neck pain that every doctor I took him to supposed was some disc issues turned out to be meningitis in his brain and spine...a condition that is unbelievably rare!

There was nothing we could do...and on Monday afternoon, my wife and I were by his side, kissing him, petting him and trying to comfort him as he took his last breath.

I hope he heard us say goodbye...and thank him for the four years we got to spend together. I know I am biased, but I never met in my life a dog that was just so good..and happy. A dog who only wanted to please you and cuddle with you and be by your side.

And, of course, scoff down food so quick that I nicknamed him, "Hoover" Lol!

It seems so cruel...a otherwise athletic, healthy, happy-go-lucky dog struck down by a disease that is so random...and so unpredictable!

My Tuckerman will always live on in my heart and in my thoughts...there will never be another like him!

Like I always used to tell him..."Daddy loves you, Tucker...and he always will!" Bye, Baby!

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