ARE YOU CRAZY?! You Can't Just Change "The Alphabet Song"!!

Okay...I know our society is continuing to evolve and become more accepting about many different thoughts, opinions and ideas. BUT, this is where we have to draw the line!

A TV writer, Noah Garfinkel is teaming up with a children's site named, Dream English to put out a tweaked version of "The Alphabet Song".

"The Alphabet Song"?!?! You mean the same song that parents, teachers, Mr. Rogers and Big Bird among others have taught children for years! Yes...that "Alphabet Song"!

And this guy just changes up and changes the whole end of the song! How can you do that?! He screws up the whole "l-m-n-o-p" section which then ruins the rest of the song's melody!

And the amazing part...the last time I looked, the tweet has 95,000 likes since is was posted!

I think we may have lost our minds!

You can't like this...can you?!

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