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I Wanna Be A Cape Codder!

I was born and raised in New Bedford...but I have been living on the Cape for over 20 years! So, I have always considered myself a "Cape Codder".

But while having a conversation with the superintendent of Cape Cod Tech, Bob Sanborn the other day.,.I realized that technically, I am actually a "Washashore"!

In case you don't know, a "Washashore" refers to a person who lives on the Cape...but wasn't born here!

But, I'm some point, "Washashores" have to be able to somehow convert to being a "Cape Codders", can't they?!

I mean, most of us "Washashores" work here...have bought a home here...spend our money here. Some of us even move away and then move BACK because we love it here so much! That's gotta get us in for full "Cape Codder" status, no?!

Plus, we know all of the most important unofficial rules that "Cape Codders" knowing it's always "on the Cape"...not "in the Cape"! Some of us have even been known to drink a "Cape Codder" from time to time!

So, I'm asking all "Cape Codders" to weigh in...can a "Washashore" ever turn into a "Cape Codder"?!

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