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Domino's In Japan Is Doing A Halloween Roulette Pie For The Holiday!

I don't know what kind of sick mind came up with this idea for Halloween, but I actually kind of like it...with a little adjustment!

Some Domino's locations is Japan have come up with something for all of those Halloween parties!

It's called...Halloween Roulette Pizza!

Basically, Domino's will cook up a pizza for you with whatever toppings you want...but the kicker is, one of the slices has ghost pepper sauce on it!

They're hoping this "scary" piece with spice up your Halloween festivities!

I actually think this is a fun idea...BUT, I wouldn't use ghost pepper sauce!!! That could be WAY too much for someone who is not expecting it! I know, because I judged a best chicken wing contest a while back and one of the entries was bathed in ghost pepper sauce. Painful!

Now, if it could be done with something like Frank's Hot Sauce or Tabasco...I would really be on board!

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