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Emmy Awards Viewers Down 22%...And I Know Why!

The numbers are out from Sunday's night's Emmy Awards on FOX.

The show's ratings declined 22%...and that's from the previous low rating set last year!

I have a guess as to why this is happening!

It's sad, but it's a crazy, mean, divisive, angry world right now...and a lot of people use TV, movies & music as a way to escape. A welcomed distraction from all of the chaos and animosity!

But, too many times...producers, presenters, nominees and winners during these shows use their appearances as a platform to push there own personal political agenda! And I do mean ALL sides of the political spectrum!

Now, I am a firm believer that this is America...and you have the right to express your thoughts and feelings whenever you'd like. However, just like you have the freedom of expression to discuss your beliefs...people who don't agree with your view, or are just honestly sick and tired of politics being brought into the entertainment medium, have the same freedom of expression to turn the channel.

And those that do should not be accused of hatred or bigotry just because they do so...just like those who express their opinions should no be vilified for doing so!

I just think there is a time and place for everything in life...and Americans may be expressing the opinion that awards shows are not that time and place.

Just my opinion...

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