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Ms. Monopoly?! Is This Really Necessary?!

Hasbro, the makers of the board game Monopoly, have decided to do it's part to take on the issue of the gender pay gap in the world today by introducing a new version of its game called, Ms. Monopoly!

The game will supposedly celebrate women in the business world and will feature the first game ever where women make more than men.

Wait a I missing something here?!

Now, I know that there are situations in the workforce where a woman, who does the same exact job as a man, will be paid less to do it...and that's wrong! A job should pay the same, whether it is being done by a woman or a man...absolutely!

What I don't get is the concept of this new board game?!

I have been playing Monopoly my whole life...and never once was there an issue with the gender pay gap in the game!

I never played with rules that said, pass GO and collect $200 ONLY if you are a man...women can only get $100! There was never a sliding rate scale when landing on Marvin Gardens with one hotel on it...$120 for men...$200 for women!

And by the way, by making sure that the game will insure that women make more than men...isn't that just promoting inequality in the other direction?! How is that right?!

I agree that the gender pay gap issue is one that should be addressed...but I don't think this is the right avenue to do it in. In fact, it actually just trivializing the issue.

Just my opinion...

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