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Wait A Minute...Lobster Mac & Cheese For School Lunch?!

So last week, I stumbled upon an article on the web that was talking about school lunch choices here in some Cape schools.

I couldn't believe some of the menu items that are kids are being offered at lunch time!

Can you say lobster mac & cheese?! Or...a self-serve baked potato topping bar?!

You've got to be kidding me?!

What happened to rock-hard, overcooked chicken nuggets?! Or the good ol' sloppy joe surprise...and I don't think I ever want to really know what the surprise was! And where did the ever popular "mystery meat" go?!

I know we should always want better for our kids than we had ourselves...but I'm calling foul on this!

I'll admit it...I'M JEALOUS! I mean, we had to get by on a char-burnt burger, cold fries, Hi-Ho's and a carton of chocolate milk that exploded when you tried to open it!

And...add this to the fact that we had to walk to school every day uphill both ways through blizzards with no shoes or heavy coats to keep us warm! today have it easy LOL!

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