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I Got Choked Up When I Read This Story About A Bride-To-Be And Her Grandma

In a world filled with bad news...this is such a heartwarming story!

As was Tara Foley from Austin, Texas was getting ready for her wedding last winter, the family was hit with the news that her 102-year-old-grandmother was going to have to go into a hospice in Florida and, due to her bad health, would most likely not be able to attend the wedding.

Tara was heartbroken...but she came up with a plan! Without telling anyone, Tara flew to Florida with her wedding gown and went to her grandma's hospice to surprise her!

Her grandmother was so overjoyed by the visit...and Tara even hired a local photographer to take some pictures of them together. She had a feeling while they were together that it may be the last time she would ever see her...and sadly it was! Her grandmother died 27 days later.

So, the morning before her wedding this past June, she filled everyone in on what she'd done...and unveiled the pictures to her family! As you can expect...there wasn't a dry eye in the room!

I recommend, if you have a minute, that you read the whole story and check out the pictures...HERE!

You may want to grab a tissue first!

Photo: Getty Images

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