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Gronk To Reveal His Next Chapter Today

Today is a big day for Rob Gronkowski!

He supposedly has a press conference set up in NYC today, where he will unveil the next chapter in his life after football!

Of course, there is a lot of speculation of what that next chapter will be!

Some people still think he will announce that he is going on ABC's, Dancing With The Stars. I don't think that;s it. The lineup for that show was already released last week...and I don't think producers would accept a last-minute addition. That might tick off the contestants already signed up for the show!

Others are guessing he's headed to the WWE. Nah...that's not it! He retired from football, in part, because of all of the injuries he's had to deal with during his career...especially his back. I don't think being thrown around a ring and bounced off a mat will help that at all!

And there are still those hanging on to the hope that he will announce that he's coming back to the Patriots! I'm sorry to bust that bubble...but I don;t think that's it either. He is no shape at this point to do that. He's lost a lot of weight and muscle and he'd need to get back into a football training regimen. And don;t forget that whole injury thing again! Plus, do you really think Bill Belichick would let him put on a circus to announce he was coming back to the team?!!

My guess...he';s announcing a new reality show: The Gronkowski's! It will follow around him and his family as they party their way around the world! Now that would make a lot of sense! That's kind of his brand right now anyway. And it's would be a massive hit...I know I'd watch!

I guess we'll find out soon enough...

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