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An Interesting Twist In The David Ortiz Case

Over the weekend, we got our first look at Big Papi since he was shot back on June 9th when he shared a photo on Instagram of him helping to move his daughter into Berklee.

Boy, has he lost some weight, or what?! Then again, spending weeks in the hospital after having several surgeries to save your life probably does help you shed a few pounds!

Anyway...there's more big news surrounding David that came out this weekend!

I don't know about you, but I have always had a hard time buying the reasons for the shooting that police and investigators in the Dominican Republic handed out to the public.

A case of mistaken identity?! Are you kidding me?! Your trying to tell me that there are people who live in the D.R., where Ortiz is held in almost a "god-like" status, who were so unaware of who he was that they mistook him for a guy who was shorter and looks to be almost 100 pounds thinner than David?! I don't think so!

Well, it seems David himself may not believe it he has hired his own team of investigators to go down to the D.R. and take a look into the case.

According to Ortiz's spokesman, he hasn't been satisfied with any of the police accounts of the shooting.

Join the club, Big Papi! Let's hope your team can get some real answers!

Photo: Getty Images

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