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Why The Number Of Kids Who Need Glasses Is Rising...

There is a bit of a disturbing trend that is affecting our kids...especially teenagers!

It's the rise in the amount of them who are developing the need for eyeglasses! According to new research from the U.K. that has recently come out, it can all be blamed on the increased amount of time that today's kids are spending in front of screens...of all kinds!

Whether it's through using TV's or desktops or laptops or tablets or their smart phones...all of the strain that is being put on young eyes due to excessive screen time is really taking it's toll!

Now, I have had bad eyesight all of my life, and the many eye doctors I have been to always gave me some pointers on how to relieve the strain on my eyes. Here are a few I've heard...

  • From time to time, try and stare out the window for a few seconds when you turn the page in a book or when there is a good pause spot in the video game
  • Adjust the screen brightness of what you're watching, depending upon what kind of light you are using it in
  • Make sure the screen you're watching is at least a foot or so away from you
  • Make sure to blink every minute or so

And of course, yearly eye exams are essential, especially in kids, to make sure that your eyesight is developing properly!

You can check out the article on that new research by clicking...HERE!

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