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Chip & Joanna Gaines' New Network Preview!

I don't know about you...but I am the BIGGEST fan of Chip & Joanna Gaines!

My wife and I watch "Fixer Upper" marathons religiously on HGTV...even though we've seen them all before!

I always loved the fact that you can tell how much they cared about each other...and how important family meant to them! I loved the way they would poke fun at each other and tease each could tell how close they were! And you felt like you knew them on a personal level, too...from Joanna's love of shiplap to Chip's love of ham sandwiches!

And when Chip would bring the kids by to see Joanna after he had "passed her the baton" with a surprise gift of cupcakes to keep her going through a long night of decorating, it always warmed my heart! I wanted to hang out with them...I wanted to be best friends with them! And I was sad to see them leave the TV stage!

But now, as you may have heard, Chip & Joanna are coming back!!!

They've teamed up with Discovery, Inc. (the owners of HGTV) to create their own network, which will kickoff in the the summer of 2020!

Here's a preview of what's ahead with Chip & Jo...

I can't wait!

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