10-Day Celebration Of The "Unofficial" Flower Of Cape Cod Starts Tomorrow!

I know...the Mayflower is considered the official state flower of Massachusetts. In fact, it's written in the statutes, as it was voted on by the state legislature years and years ago!

However...I will now risk the penalties of a fine, imprisonment and possibly even DEATH (maybe that's a bit of a stretch) and use the power invested in me by the guys who I hang out with at the bar at Sam Diego's to proclaim the Hydrangea as the "unofficial" flower of Cape Cod!

And the proof of that starts tomorrow...with the start of the Cape Cod Hydrangea Festival! It's a 10-day celebration of those poofy little flowers in all of their glorious colors that attract all the bees LOL!

Now, in all honesty, I'm not a big flower and plant guy. I mean, I could probably even kill a cactus...and no one kills those LOL! But, my wife has been really getting into the gardening spirit this year, and we have a couple of thriving hydrangea bushes in our flower beds at home...both in a beautiful shade of blue!

Any way, they have SO many events lined up for the next 10 days...including tours of private gardens, workshops, lectures and a book signing with my friend, WXTK's C.L. Fornari! They even have a couple of beer fests worked into the agenda...NOW you're talking!

So, if you're a "flower nut" (and I mean that in the very best way possible), take a look at the whole schedule of events by...CLICKING HERE!

Photo: Getty Images

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