POLL QUESTION...Would You Ever Want To Take A Trip Into Space?!

So, Virgin Group founder, Richard Branson and venture capitalist, Chamath Palihapitiya have combined to create, Virgin Galactic

They say that, if all plans continue to come together well, they should be able to launch their first customers into space within a year!

This is it...our moment to go past the clouds and into the majesty of space! I've always been a bit of an astronomy buff...and the thought that some day I could get in a rocket of some sort and be able to see how beautiful the earth looks from outer space...and see all of these beautiful clusters of stars and constellatios in all their glory, without background lights disturbing the view, excites the heck out of me! Now, I may die of a heart attack from the G-Force getting me up there...but that's a risk I'd have to take LOL!

So, I'd like to conduct one of my very, unscientific polls for entertainment purposes only (no wagering!)

Just click below and let me know what you think about taking your own trip into outer space!

Photo: Getty Images

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