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UFC Champ Amanda Nunes & Her Fiance Want To Fight Each Other In The Octagon

There have been many times in my life where I have challenged my wife to a little competition and tried hard to beat her.

You at a board game, or mini-golf, or even to see who can pick the most NFL game winners during a season (we both pick the Pats every week, by the way!)

I'm sure you do the same kind of thing with your partner. But, could you ever imagine agreeing to get into a ring and pummeling each other with your bare hands?!

Well, that's what UFC champ, Amanda Nunes and her finance, Nina Ansaroff are planning to do!

They are both MMA fighters, and Amanda will be competing in UFC 239 coming up next week. Her plan is to win the belt in that match and then end her career by fighting her fiance in the octagon!

Nina says they are both so down for the fight. Her quote is, "We really would try to kill each other."

This has to be a joke, right?! I know they are both athletes and that MMA fighting is who they are and what they do...but how could you face off against someone you love and proceed to try and make them hurt and bleed?!

Have you ever seen one of these fights?! It's brutal! I can't even watch it!

I mean, I can see the stress and pain in faces of the Williams sisters when they have to play against each other. Their instinct is to completely crush their opponent...but it's hard for them to do that emotionally because it's against someone they love and care about! And that's a tennis match..not a physical brawl!

I hope this doesn't happen...but it probably will! Like Nina says, "Why not? Bring the money home in the same household."

Remember friends, the answer to all your questions is money!

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