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The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team & The Patriots Have This In Common

Here we go again...

Our U.S. Women's National Soccer Team has been hit with a spying today's match against England is now hours away!

England's coach, Phil Neville is claiming that members of the U.S team's staff were sent to the team's hotel in Lyon, France on Sunday to spy on his team's practice for the semifinal match against the U.S. Women.

Supposedly, security staff caught them watching the practice from some bushes on a hillside overlooking the field where they were going through their plays.

Team USA coach, Jill Ellis admits that members for the team's staff did in fact visit the hotel...but only to scout it out as a potential location for the U.S.Women's team to stay at if they were to beat England today and reach the World Cup final. She says it had nothing to do with the game or any practices that may have been happening.

Hmm, team staff watching their opponent's practice before a big game. Boy...this story sounds familiar to us New England Patriots fans, doesn't it?! The Rams are still complaining about similar allegations against the Pats before Super Bowl XXXVI...even though it has been proven not to have happened!

If Coach Ellis needs a little guidance with this kind of a situation, a call to Coach Belichick may help!

Read the full story about the allegations...HERE!

Photo: Getty Images

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