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Happy 77th, Barry...from a big "Fanilow"!

I know, I know...people are going to give me a load of 'you know what' for this post!

But I am not ashamed to admit it...I, Kevin Matthews, am a FANILOW!

It all started with my mom, who was a fan herself, and it passed right down to me...kind of like my love for everything Elvis & Sinatra, too!

Anyway, I used to come home from school, put Barry's records on my turntable and pretend I was him, singing live in concert! This is deep, personal stuff I am revealing to you here!

In fact, when I met Barry, when this picture was taken, I told him that which he said. "Thanks for making me feel so old!"

By the the photo, I'm the guy in the middle, Barry's on the right...and the guy on the left of me is my good friend and brother, Mike "O.D." O'Donnell, who used be on the air with me on 96.3 The Rose a long time ago!

Now, if you don't know who Barry Manilow is, go check him out on YouTube or something. The guy has had a career that has spanned over 50 years...and he's one of the greatest song writers who ever lived!

And not only hit pop songs...but commercial jingles, too! (Think Dr. Pepper & McDonald's!)

Anyway...Happy Birthday, Barry, and keep "writing the songs"!

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