Newest Fashion Trend: Clothes You Can Wear Weeks At A Time Without Washing!

Can you say "eew"?!

I guess there is a new fashion trend that is hitting stores that is offering clothing that is made in such a way that you can wear them over and over and over and over again...without having to wash them!

It all has to do with the materials that these clothes are made out of. These companies are using fabrics made of things like seaweed and peppermint oil which allows you to go for WEEKS at a time without washing them! And supposedly, they smell fresh and clean each time you put them on!

This sounds hard to believe, right?!

Now, this clothing line wasn't created just to encourage you to be grubby! The intention us to help you save water by cutting down on the loads of laundry you have to do!

I can't envision myself actually going this route with my clothes...but maybe it's something you want to try. Especially if your the parent of a child that likes to change outfits 6 times a day!

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