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Local News Legend & Cape Codder, Tom Ellis Dies In His Sandwich Home At 86

I loved Tom Ellis!

If you find yourself saying, "Who?!" can check out the YouTube video below of an interview on the show "Greater Boston" years ago and see for yourself!

I once had the pleasure of talking to him way back at the start of my career...and he couldn't have been nicer!

Tom was one of the news greats when I was growing up! I loved his style and his voice...and that little swagger that he used to bring to TV news! He was just the epitome of cool!

If you like Ron Burgundy, you would have LOVED Tom Ellis...because he was the real thing! He was no made-up character...he was as good as it gets!

In a 40+ year career he started in Texas before coming to Boston! He was on channels WBZ Channel 4, WCVB Channel 5, & WHDH Channel 7 and wrapped up his career on NECN. He also did some work in NYC, too!

Tom may have lost his battle with cancer...but I'll bet it never took the "cool" out of him!

R.I.P. Tom!

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