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The "stay on your own side of the bed" controversy could be over!

Has this conversation ever happened in your house before…

HUSBAND (me): “How did you sleep last night, Babe?”

WIFE (my wife): “Not great, since I only had a small sliver of the bed because you rolled on my side and almost pushed me off!”

HUSBAND (me): “Umm…can I make you some coffee?”

Sound familiar?!

I get it all the time…I’m A BED-HOGGER! We have a queen-size bed...and now, she wants to go to a king. If that doesn’t work…separate houses LOL!

All joking aside, if this sounds like your house, the Ford Motor Company is coming to the rescue. Yes…that’s not a typo…the Ford Motor Company!

They’ve come up with a concept called the “Lane Keeping Bed” that will use motion control technology and pressure sensors to roll you back to your side of the bed if you stray to far over the center!

Think of it as…a “lane-detection control" for your bedroom LOL!

CLICK HERE…to read more about it!

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