Today is Dress Up Your Pet Today!

This could be the worst day of the year for your pet...It's Dress Up Your Pet Day!

I don't know about your pets, but I have never had one that enjoyed being put in any kind of costume or hat or dress!

In fact, they have a look of pure humiliation on their face when you take the picture.  You know that they're worried that you'll share the pictures with their friends, who will make fun of them!

I mean, check out the look on my dog, Tucker's face with his 'Santa hat' on...

Does he look humiliated or what LOL?!  Then there's my girl, Ginger...

I can imagine she's thinking, "If it wasn't for the fact that you feed me every day and pet my belly, I would rip your throat out!"

Maybe you should skip the festivities for this year...give them some dignity, huh LOL?!

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