A wedding reception dance...gone bad!

So, I've been spending the past few days in Pennsylvania, as my wife and I came down for her cousin's wedding.

Now, you know how wedding receptions are...you're with friends and family that you are comfortable enough with that you can throw down the old dance moves that you used to do years ago!  It's kind of like an adult prom LOL!

Well, I was out on the dance floor doing moves that I used to do in the clubs when I was in my 20's...and then we did the whole circle thing and it was my turn to get in the middle and show off!

So I did some of my old faithful moves, the criss-cross moves like in Bobby Brown's "Every Little Step" video!  Then I really went for it...doing a kind of half-flip throwing my arms backward toward the dance floor...and that's when my body reminded me that I am no longer in my 20's...I'm in my 40's LOL!

Long story short...twisted ankle!  Check out these pictures and you'll see one of these ankles is not like the other LOL...  


An ankle brace, lots of ice, and lots of pillows to elevate and I should be as good as new in a matter of weeks

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