Check out the new social media challenge: #tipthebill

I'm a GREAT tipper!  And, for good service, I tip big for a few reasons.

First, I used to be a waiter...and I understand that it can be a thankless job dealing with some people who can, at times, treat you more like a servant than someone who is trying to help them enjoy a dining experience...whether it's in a diner or a fancy restaurant.

Second, I think a few extra bucks can reinforce to waiters & waitress that they're truly good at what they do!

And finally, I know that a lot of people who wait tables really DEPEND on those tips to pay their bills...especially with the low hourly wage that most get from their employers. 

So, I'm a big fan of the latest social media challenge that is making the rounds now called : #tipthebill

If you get great service, and can afford to do it, why not leave double the bill so you can reward excellent service from a hard working waiter or waitress!  Just remember to put #tipthebill on the receipt!


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