What's the fascination about having a low plate number?!

The Massachusetts RMV is having the 2018 low plate number auction next month,...and if you want a chance to get one, you'll have to go to their website to register.

In our state, we give out low numbers plates by using a lottery system... but in states like Delaware, they actually AUCTION off number!

For example the Delaware plate '20" just sold for $410,000!!!  That's crazy!  And, officials say that if the lowest plate number available to the public in Delaware, '4", ever went to auction...it would possibly bring in more than $1 million!!!

Personally, I don't get it...what's so important about having a low plate number?!  Is it a status kind of thing?!

Anyway, if you'd like to get to into the MA RMV drawing for next month, click the link below for all of the details..

By the way, you have to register by THIS Monday (8/27)!

Get your MA RMV low number plate!

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