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The new American Idol gets crowned tonight!

I'm glad I gave American Idol a shot this year, because it has been pretty good!

In fact, I thought last night could have been the toughest vote I've ever cast for a show finale!

I agree that the original songs that Caleb, Gabby & Maddie sang were weak, and their performances showed they didn't feel comfortable with them at all...which should be expected!

But all of their last 2 songs were really good!

So, I had a tough time...but here's where I finally came down with my votes:

Caleb: 10 votes!

   Out of the three, I think Caleb has the most recognizable voice and style and could make a pretty seamless transition to the Country charts right now with the right song!  That's why he got first place for me!

Maddie: 9 votes!

   I love Maddie's originality and style.  Plus, I think she a real musician, which makes me respect her a lot!

Gabby: 8 votes!

   There is no doubt that Gabby has an unbelievable voice and she's GREAT on stage!  I just don't know if she has an "IT" factor that makes her stand out from anyone other artist in a very crowded music business!

We'll see what happens tonight on ABC!

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