Tom & Gisele's night out at the Met Gala!

By now, I am sure you've seen the suit Tom Brady he wore yesterday as he attended the Met Gala in NYC with his beautiful wife, Gisele!

And he's taking a lot of grief for it, too LOL!

Tom admitted today that Gisele picked out the suit that he wore to the event...which doesn't surprise me!

I bet it was one of those things all of us husbands go through at one time or another where our wife will say, "I'm wearing this so, I'm going to pick out your outfit so you'll match me!"  

Now, that doesn't always work out for the husband...but you wear it, to keep peace in the house and because you love your wife.

Even Gisele's Twitter post showed an uncomfortable Tom that NFL teams never see.... 

You can hear him thinking, "C'mon Gisele, I agreed to go to this stupid event & wear this awful suit...don't put this on the web where it will live forever and my teammates will trash me about until I retire!" LOL

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