Little known fact about "giving up something for Lent"...

Every year, people who celebrate the season of Lent try to find a magical loophole that says that chicken or pork are not really "meat" that way they can still eat those foods on Fridays.

Let's get that out of the way, first.  They absolutely ARE "meat" with it LOL!

However, here's something I found out today and never knew...

Fasting has actually been prohibited on Sundays since the days of the apostles!

That means, if you decide to "give up" chocolate for Lent or you're trying not to watch so much TV during Lent or something like that...Sundays don't count!  You can indulge and not feel guilty about it!

But not to worry, if you are Catholic like me, you know there are plenty of other things to feel guilty about LOL!

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