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Can't we just celebrate great music anymore?!

I didn't watch any of the Grammys last night.

And, after I checked Twitter...I'm glad I didn't!

The thing is, I don't know why we can't just celebrate good music...or good movies...or good TV shows anymore without bringing the negativity of partisan politics into play!

Now, I'm not talking about activism!  I think the thing that makes this country great is that we have the right to hold a mirror up to our government and to our society when we think things may be going in the wrong direction!

But, it's the anger...the rancor...the mean-spirited attitude that really bothers me!

For example, there was a comedy skit last night of celebrities reading from a new book out that is critical of the current administration.  My question is why?!  Yes, I know it was a parody on the spoken word Grammy, but did taking a partisan political shot like that really do anything to spotlight great music?!

And the grief that poor Ed Sheeran got for winning the Best Pop Vocal performance Grammy....that was horrible!  Yes, he was the only male among four ladies nominated in the category...but is that his fault?!  No, but he gets trashed on social media for winning anyway!  "Shape Of You" was one of the biggest, if not the biggest song of last year...does his song winning a Grammy seem like that much of a stretch?!  Was it an obvious fix to let the guy win?!  

I don't think so!  Unfortunately, we all know there are too many instances of women who are or have been discriminated against or sexually harassed/assaulted when trying to make their place in the world.  Instances like that are a travesty and does nothing but give a big, black eye on our society in general! 

But honestly, last night's Ed Sheeran Grammy didn't really feel like that to me.

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