Am I missing something not watching "This Is Us"?!

MY GM is a crazy fan of that NBC show, "This Is Us"!

In fact, she is actually mad at a lot of us here at the station because she can't breakdown the show each week with us because we're not watching it!  In fact, she announced that to everybody near the mailboxes today LOL!

All I've heard is the show is kind of like that old ABC show, "Thirtysomething".

I also know that someone on the show is going to die because of a crock pot...which I swear scares the heck out of me when my wife puts stuff on low in our crock pot when we leave for work in the morning and no one is home!!  I mean...that doesn't seem safe!

Anyway, the web is FREAKING OUT about this week's episode...and Twitter is going crazy!

BuzzFeed has put together a bunch of the tweets, so if you're into the may want to check out what fellow fans are saying!


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