WHAT?!...Ed Sheeran will be done with music within 4 years!

Wait a minute...I didn't know this was part of it!!

As we found out over the weekend, Ed Sheeran and his longtime girlfriend, Cherry Seaborn got engaged at the end of last year...and they announced on social media on Saturday.

Ed also mentioned that he was looking forward to starting a family with Cherry, which is exciting for both of them!

But now, we hear that Ed is saying that when his children are born...he is going to be GIVING UP music!

He said as soon as he becomes a dad, his ambition will go down to zero and he won't care about music anymore because he will have another life to take care of!

Oh...and he says he wants this all to happen by the time he's 30.

Well, seeing that he is already 26...I guess we only have four more good years of new from Ed left!  

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