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The Tide Pod Challenge is trending...and it may KILL you!

I know this sounds crazy...but unfortunately it's TRUE!

There are actually people on social media that are taking part in a DANGEROUS new trend...the Tide Pod Challenge!  People are ACTUALLY putting a Tide pod in their mouth and taking a big bite to "see what will happen"!

My stupid can you get?!  I've looked it up...and here is what will happen to you if you try this idiotic game:

First, the second you bite down on the pod, and it explodes in your mouth, the consentrated liquid in the pod will coat your mouth, tongue, throat and mucous membranes with dangerous chemicals that will cause burns and irritations.

Then, when the chemicals slide down your throat, burns to your esophagus & stomach are quite possibly next!

And, if by chance you happen to inhale any of the chemicals into your lungs, that's where BIG problems'll have cough & wheeze as you go into respiratory distress!

And, if too much of the chemicals get into your system, it can be much worse!

Bottom line...DON'T DO THIS!!!! 

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