Goodbye & Au Revoir, Rene!

So, it was announced yesterday that legendary Bruins anthem singer, Rene Rancourt is retiring at the end of the season!

Rene has been singing at the garden for over 40 years!  That's 81 games a year...for over 40 years!  That's a lot of Star-Spangled Banners!  Plus, he does double duty when a Canadian team comes in to play the B's...with a rendition of Oh Canada, too!

And there's nothing like the fist pumps after the anthem is done!  You might even get a 4th or 5th pump for a really big game!

I love Rene!  Is he the best singer ever...maybe not...but he's ours!  A Boston tradition...and I, for one, will miss him!

I got a chance to meet him a few years ago at Troops in the Spotlight!  We even took a half-fist pump picture together!

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