A tip for those about to board a plane!

So, on my trip to Tampa this past weekend I, of course, had to go through the TSA screening process to get to my gate.

You don't have to take off your rings, watches, belts & shoes anymore...I just had to make sure all metal was out of my pockets and step through the machine.  No problem right...wrong!

I kept beeping...and I was afraid I was going to be tackled and sent to Gitmo!

One last try...the agent told me to take off my belt, and I went through without a problem!

The issue was I had a reversible belt on...and there is some kind of metal piece in a reversible belt that sets the meters off!

So just a warning...if you're going to wear a reversable belt to the airport, just take it off beforehand. 

You'll save a lot of time...and you won't have to be sent to Gitmo!

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