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What's with all this new "love" for Tonya Harding?!

So, the movie "I, Tonya" has put ex-Olympic figure skater Tonya Harding back in the spotlight.

The movie is a biopic of her life...and it has received a lot of attention and even praise, including a Golden Globe for Allison Janney, who I love by the way!

But, it's this new "love" for Tonya that I don't understand! 

This woman admitted to overhearing her boyfriend, at the time, and bodyguard talking about "taking somebody out" on the U.S. Women's Figure Skating Team so she would get a spot and never said anything!  

Then, after the incident during which they assaulted Nancy Kerrigan by clubbing her on the knee, she had to plead guilty to hindering the prosecution of the two men...which, by the way, is a felony!

I mean, thank God Nancy didn't suffer any permanent injuries from the assault! 

Now, I know Ton ya had a tough upbringing and that there were stories that she suffered from abuse in her life, and I feel very sorry for her about that.

But, it doesn't hide the fact the she knew and then tried to cover up an assault on one of her own teammates...does it?!

Isn't this like profiting from her crime?!

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