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Is anyone else skipping awards shows because of politics?!

So I have to admit something....I didn't watch the Golden Globes last night!

And the whole reason is because of one word...POLITICS!

Listen, I think that everyone has the right to their opinions on any topic and they have the right to express them, too!

But, when I go to the movies, or listen to music or watch an awards show about those things (or watch a sporting event, for that matter)...I usually do that to get away from the real world!

It's a space in time when I can tune out all the anger and partisan bickering going on in the world...and try to enjoy an artistic work that can relax me or inform me or entertain me or make me laugh.

I just hate all the negativity and the name-calling and hostility from people toward others who don't believe what they believe when all I'm trying to do is find out which actor or actress, etc. put on the performance of a lifetime that I should really check out!

And to Hollywood stars who want to share their thoughts on how to make the world a better place, go for it!  Just do it constructively and rationally, not by swearing and trashing everyone else who might have a different opinion!  

Try to do it on a positive know, like Oprah!

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