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DWTS Blog: Night one of the finale...

The DWTS Finale began last night with two dances from each of the finalists: David Ross, Normani Kordei & Rashad Jennings!

This season has been interesting for me because I have the picks my heart WANTS to win...and the picks my head KNOWS should win!

The first night of this season's finale is a case in point!  I LOVE the team of David & Lindsey...and I truly think he is the epitome of what the shows stands for: someone who is neither a dancer nor graceful LOL...yet, continues to work hard each week to improve and turns out to be a pretty good dancer!

However, my head knows he will probably be the first one out tonight...and it will come down to Normani & Val...

Or, Rashad & Emma!'s time to make the big prediction: Who will win the Mirror Ball trophy tonight on DWTS?!

I'm going to go with Rashad...but I think it will be by the slimmest of margins!

No matter who wins though, in my opinion, as a whole, these are the best final 3 of the show's history!

We'll see what happens tonight...

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